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A short term plan for the project
Stage I
  • Team Assemble
  • Identification of problems
  • Whitepaper Development
  • Website and Socials set up
  • Programming and Coding of AI Bot
  • AI Trading Bot on MainNet (Major CEX)
  • Frame work set up for different Apps and OS
  • AI generated NFTs
Stage II
  • Market Analysis
  • Awareness Creation
  • $AIDOGEMINI Presale
  • Prelaunch Awareness Creation
  • Successful Launch on DEX
Stage III
  • Listing $AIDOGEMINI on CMC, CG, & Nomics
  • Release of AI Bot on Telegram & Discord.
  • NFT Minting DApp Release
  • Much Marketing
Stage IV
  • Massive Marketing Campaign
  • Billboard Ad & Ad companies partnership
  • Influencers Partnership
  • CEX Listing
The Future beyond!
The AI DogeMini project will be developed in the direction of the crypto currency market and Global Artificial Intelligence needs. We will ensure continuous development and growth, to be quite competitive in both fields.