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AI MiniDoge | Intro

Meme + Innovative AI Utilities
AI DogeMini is a Doge meme inspired project built to simplify a certain aspect of our everyday life, through very powerful AI Bots. The AI DogeMini will thrive based on the success of OpenAI's latest release of ChatGPT, others such as Alexa, Drift, Dasha AI, and SalesForce. The current hype around the AI is something we will be taking full advantage of, and the release of our powerful Decentralized AI Trading Bot and our AI Chat Bot will be our flight ticket to the top of the crypto and blockchain space.
Everyone is using the AI for one reason or another, from worldwide tech bosses such as Mark Zuckerberk, Elon Musk, Bill Gate or crypto celebrities like Vitalik Buterin or CZ_Binance to ordinary people who like to share their experience with OpenAI latest tokeover of social media. AI DogeMini is releasing two powerful decentralised AI Bots: The Trading Bot and The Chat Bot, both of which will be released on the AI DogeMini DApp and released on the relevant platforms.
The AI DogeMini will be a huge success prior to Launch and in the post launch times.
Our AI Trading Bot will be available for traders and people with no trading experience on launch, all that is needed, is to bing the Trading wallet API and our super AI Bot will take over from there, we pride our Trading Bot as best there has ever been and will take the crypto space by storm.
Our AI Chat bot will be built to be fully operational on Twitter, Telegram and Discord. This will be adopted massively by existing crypto communities, new communities, Non crypto communities and project developers. The adoption rate has been projected to hit significant numbers because AI Mini Doge Bots will be the very first of its kind; Learning every second from every human it interacts with and using the aquired knowledge relatively with its own AI Capabilities make interaction more superhuman-like. Most importantly, the AI DogeMini ChatBot is designed to filter out abominable lamguages such as Racist words, Gender hate words, Religious desciminatory words, general abusive words ETC. More also, the AI Art Creaor Bot will make Art creation effortlessly easy and efficient for professionals such as the NFT designers.