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AI Trading Bot

The future of Trading
The AI DogeMini Trading Bot will be fully Automated and compatible with various Centralized exchanges. We are releasing Binance Trading Bot, Coinbase Trading Bot, KuCoin Trading Bot and Robinhood Trading Bot. The list can only keep growing over time, as our developer will be coding our trading Bots to be compatible with more Centralized exchanges. Unleashing the full power of the Arteficial Intelligence in the Cryptocurrency trading, will solve a great problem for users all over the world and this will be done in a 100% secure way, by paring you Trading wallet API with our AI Trading Bot securely. we do not have access to your API code or any form access to your trading funds, your funds stays right in your trading wallet while our AI Trading bot does all th work for you. Ensuring that at least, 100% of your capital is made as profit within the period of one week. This is only possible with the ultimate computing strength of the AI DogeMini powered by Arteficial Intelligence.
The cryptocurrency exchange and the market in general, never sleeps. But we humans sleep and meanwhile miss out on many opportunities on the cryptocurrency exchange.
AIDogeMini's mission as a certified developer is to help you professionally and efficiently solve problems and optimize your operations.
AIDogeMini Trading Bot Can Offer You the following:
  • Binance Bot
  • KUCOIN Bot
  • CoinBase Bot
  • Robinhood Bot
What you will get in this GIG?
A script that will help to automate you in your trading activities:
  1. 1.
    Automating the BUYS and SELLS
2. Custom operations
3. Retrieving and analyzing data
A well coded bot/script can help you achieve that efficiently and a realize more Profits