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Our AI ChatBot

One AI ChatBot to rule them all!
To build a strong foundation of any project, project developers first has to evaluate existing products from other developers in the same field of interest. Our team of professional have taken considerable amount of time to study our potential competitors and taken online survey from users of the potential competitors, we are building an AI chatBot that combines the best parts of all the major existing Chat Bots, with a mix of our own tailored features to help fix the known flaws found in the pre-existing AI chat bots.
Our AI Chat bot will be built to be fully operational on Twitter, Telegram and Discord. This will be adopted massively by existing crypto communities, Non crypto communities and project developers. The adoption rate has been projected to hit significant numbers because AI DogeMini Bots will be the very first of its kind; Learning from every human it interacts with and using the aquired knowledge relatively with its own AI Capabilities to make interaction more superhuman-like. To be able to access the premium features, users will need to access the Bot via the AI DogeMini DApp, connect wallet and buy the specified amount of $AIDOGEMINI Token, to be upgraded to community member with all features unlocked.
In a bid to build a safe AI Chat bot, we have designed our bot to be able to recorgnize blacklisted words and have the ability keep out such words from the learnable stuffs. Our Bot recorgnises Hate speech, Racist words, Gender hate words, Religious discriminatory words, general abusive words. This ability will make it a great success among the telegram users for the purpose of group control, learning and security.